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Chester Globetrotters is part of the  national Global Globetrotters Club  and  has been running from November 2009 to the present day

 In that time we have hosted many speakers giving talks about their wide ranging and incredible variety of adventures  around the Globe. So we thought to remind everyone that we haven't stopped thinking about you all and the contribution you have made to Chester Globetrotters.
 So here is a short 6.5 min slide show of  posters from the meetings we have had since 2009 
Click on the picture below or the link further down this page to go to the show which can be paused / saved in your browser at any time. 

Children gathered at a stupa at the top of the steep valley across from Chhomrong
on the Annapurna sanctuary trail, Nepal - November 1977





Link to view Posters since 2009



The Grosvenor Museum is still not open to group meetings, but we hope to resume them as soon as circumstances allow in 2021.

 Members of Globetrotters or those who would like to join, the London group are hosting Zoom sessions every month and have further information that may be of interest.





LOOK:- What's on Next for latest news 


LOOK:- At our past talks pages to review past talks.

We have a fantastic venue in Chester at the Grosvenor Museum where we normally meet bi monthly every 3rd Saturday of the month, beginning January. The talks are very varied and cover the whole Globe. Many travelers have accumulated so much knowledge that sharing this with others can help in planning and general enjoyment of a journey whether it is abroad or here in the UK.

Look at the past talks page to see the type of talks we have hosted and from that some more details examples of stories written by the speakers, many of whom have themselves published books on their particular subject so just follow the links.

Under Whats On page we have (Future meetings) link which is updated to provide you with a yearly plan where possible.

In addition to the talks of which there are generally two per meeting, there is a break mid way through with refreshments and biscuits, all for the entrance price of 3.00

Under normal circumstances we meet at

The Grosvenor Museum, Chester
25-27 Grosvenor Street, Chester, CH1 2DD

1.0pm-4.15pm 3rd Saturday in the month as advertised here and in local flyers and newspapers, bi-monthly beginning January each year

Click here for Museum location map
















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