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This page is a gateway to essential information for the traveller. 
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Knowledge is Power but essentially a little bit of research before you start forking out for costly flights, cruises, insurance and the like, can make your journey so much more trouble free. It can seem like a mine-field but as they say "Every journey starts with the first step" so a well organised and structured plan is the first step, to make contingencies and prepare as far as possible for unforeseen events so you can enjoy the trip you have looked forward to, to the full.

Come to our meetings: you will meet some very well travelled people who can help you or point you in the right direction. We have many experienced independent travellers covering major areas such as the Americas, Europe, Asia, Middle East who will be happy to talk to you. Look at these pages and follow the links to help guide you through some of the basics.






Topics covered such as

Travellers guide: equipment, health checks, visas, border issues, language, customs, insurance
photographic essentials:- equipment, techniques, 
personal experiences: pitfalls and benefits

guide to planning an adventure  - Go it alone or package tour

A good jumping off point for all information is the Wanderlust site















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