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Doors open 1pm for 1:30pm Start till 4:00pm
Entrance Fee £3.00 includes refreshments and two talks
Grosvenor Museum
25-27 Grosvenor Street, CH12DD

Enquiries to: 
Hanna tel: 01244-383392  
Eve tel: 01606-301762



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March 2019


Anna Manning & Howard Jennings

We were offered 18 days of dog-sitting and wondered how best to use it. We love Mallorca and wanted to see where we could get to that was reasonably nearby. Our trip has five stops joined by tandem, boat, and train and takes us through three countries: Spain, France, and Italy. We’ll describe how we put the trip together, our adventures along the way, the food we ate, the views we saw, and the people we met.


Marion Round

I enjoy travelling to interesting places with small group tour companies.
I come from a Welsh family, and am re-learning the language.
In 1865 153 Welsh people embarked on a journey to Patagonia, they were promised a fertile land with fresh water; this is not what they found.
The 2 main areas where the Welsh have settled are now thriving, with the Welsh language and culture is increasing.

We travelled through the Welsh areas, and across the huge Desert separating them, looking at fascinating places where few people ever get to.



May 2019

Paul Gillingham

Paul visits Santiago and Valparaiso in Chile, rents city bikes to sample the Argentine grape in Mendoza and explore tango, Evita and Maradona in Buenos Aires. He joins his two sons on a cycle-camping expedition around the lakes and volcanoes of northern Patagonia.

Now retired, Paul taught history in UK, Canada, Tanzania and Hong Kong before becoming a journalist and broadcaster, producing travel features from around the world.


Chris Prior

Together with 17 other motorcyclists I rode my Triumph Tiger through Spain to Morocco.  From Tangiers we travelled over the Atlas Mountains to the Sahara at Merzouga. 
The return route included dirt roads around the Todra Gorge. After a stop at Ben Haddou we travelled to Marrakech and then headed north back to the port of Tangiers.  Six days were spent in transit through Spain and eleven in Morocco.


July 2019

David Redford

A journey to Riga, Vilnius, Minsk, Kaliningrad and Gdansk gave an opportunity to compare the post-Soviet states which have turned westwards towards Europe with those which have stuck with Russia, and also to study the relics of the Teutonic Knights, the Hanseatic League, the Polish-Lithuanian empire and the long struggle between Germany and Russia.


Pat Jones

Loves travelling and tries to  have 3 or 4 holidays  a year. This is An interesting journey through Sudan , with some very basic accommodation yet  a variety of different accommodation types  and she was able to meet up with lots of locals .
Sudan (old north Sudan , and Sudan are now separate countries)




September 2019

Lindy Pyrah

The Mauritania iron ore train is the true definition of a cult classic: an epic overnight train journey involving hopping on a freight wagon full of iron ore in zero comfort through a dangerous country while experiencing the amazing Sahara desert and night sky.  
Lindy is a train journey enthusiast and a London branch Globetrotters committee member, she did the Mauritania iron ore train solo in January 2018 and would love to share her story of how she prepared, experienced and lived to tell the tale of this amazing journey. Normally desk bound for most of the year, Lindy tries to make the most of her small holiday allowance to undertake memorable adventures.


John Brinkley

A geology lecturer, both on land and on cruise ships, John will present an illustrated talk on one of the World’s last wilderness, the Antarctic. Using his own material from recent visits, John will discuss both the geological history and natural scenery of this remote region.



November 2019

Sarah Crofts

When Sarah took her ten year old daughter Tabitha out of school and embarked on an epic road trip  the only thing they knew for certain was they would head north whilst it was warm and south when it got cold.
382 days and nearly 28000km later they landed back on British soil.

This is the tale of their epic adventure from the Arctic Circle to the Sahara desert.

Don and Eve MacPherson

We took in a brief itinerary of Yangon,  then journeyed  on to Maymyo  to see  the Hill Station.
Then we went to British Burma.  The journey continued to Mandalay cruising along the
Irrawady river to old Bagan.
Next stop, a flight to Inle Lake to visit local villages along the canals before
returning to Yangon, and ending the journey in Singapore.










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