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November 2009  In The Beginning

We have been up and running since 2009 and during that time we have hosted 6  meetings per year with two talks per meeting, all of which have included some
form of multi-media display whether as slides or power point and the presentations are drawing bigger and bigger audiences whilst covering an ever increasing variety of travel locations by independent travellers and seasoned explorers alike. 
Since we started we have kept a record of past talks on this web site so why not visit these pages (see above) to see just what travels we have covered  over the years. For our next event go to the News page.


The first talks were presented by 

1) Kevin Brakley talking about his travels in Laos

2)  Kevin Jones about his life as a photojournalist throughout the Middle East in 1977


November 2009

  1) Travelling Through Laos by Kevin Brackley 

2) Journey Through the Middle East by Kevin Jones 
Author "Inshallah- Odyssey to the Middle East"


















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