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Wherever you go you almost certainly want to take a record of your treasured and sometimes
quite expensive visit. Things have moved on from the days of film cameras or cini super 8 remember them?
Some of us  adopted the digital format years ago and have noticed the leaps and bounds in quality from the early days in the 1990's with resolutions of a few tens of pixels (the individual elements equivalent to the dots in newspaper print) to current levels where a small compact digital camera can sport a resolution of 16, 000,000 pixels (Megapixels), enough to provide very high quality images for screen viewing or to be printed off in hard copy.

These new digital cameras can also take high resolution / definition HD video which for the technically minded can easily be edited on your home desktop. Such equipment was unheard of 20 years ago and time has seen this equipment reduce in cost from tens of thousands to tens of pounds for software to run on your laptop or other domestic computer. 


On these pages various articles are included with links to other websites that may provide a greater in depth Browsing of the scene today with help and guidance to make your record a success.


Wanderlust.: Photo Competitions, Guides to Photography

National Geographic Travel Photography Tips

Nikon  Shooting Techniques

Using your compact camera- Amateur Photographer magazine 

















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